Student Advisors

Student Advisors

Student Advisors across the nation review a sample of the planner a year before it is released, and they provide Meridian Student Planners with comments and suggestions. We listen to these students and improve the planner based on their input. Here are a few comments from the student advisors on how they use planners in their everyday life.

Student Advisors in Santa Cruz, CA

“My planner keeps me organized, which keeps my grades up and my parents happy.”

“Our teacher writes notes in our planners for our parents and they like that.”

“I like using the pages in front (resource pages) - they are very helpful.”

Student Advisors in Sedalia, MO

“I like the colorful pages & helpful study tips.”

“I record all my homework and games in my planner. It really helps.”

“Really keeps me on track with assignments.”