Middle School Student Planners - Personalized

A premium student planner solution that features your school's name and mascot.

Personalize your student planners with custom handbook pages that include bell schedules, school policies and more.

Middle School Student Planner - Personalized

The personalized middle school planner is our student planner with premium options to choose a professionally designed cover featuring personalization for your school including the school year, mascot and the name of your school. Custom handbook pages come with this planner, as well, so you can include your bell schedules, school rules and more.

Personalized Planner Benefits:

Planner Features:

  • Full color vibrant printing
  • Large format size of 8 3/8” x 10 7/8”
  • 112 pages of weekly and monthly calendar pages
  • Dated July 31, 2017 - June 22, 2018
  • Double laminated durable cover
  • Plastic coil binding
  • Educational resource pages
  • Rounded corners
  • 3 Hole punched to fit in binder
  • Special area for teacher/parent communication
  • Weekly hall passes
  • Optional title page
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Bonus Features:

Standard Planner Cover
  1. Months and days listed in English and Spanish.
  2. Background color changes monthly so you can easily find your place.
  3. Two monthly calendars followed by 8 weekly calendar pages.
  4. Look at the previous and next month at a glance.
  5. Quotes in the"Words of Wisdom" section inspire and motivate.
  6. Facts and photos for fun learning.
  7. Space for my goals.
  8. Study tips.
  9. National holidays.
  10. Character building tips.
  1. Weekly "Did You Know" trivia.
  2. Month at a glance with current week highlighted.
  3. The "Word of the Week" strengthens vocabulary skills.
  4. Space to write vocabulary words.
  5. Shaded box for block scheduling.
  6. Room to write the subjects and teachers of your class schedule.
  7. Writing area for assignments and check off box for completed tasks.
  8. Special area for parent teacher communication.
  9. Hall pass.

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