High School Student Planners - Standard

A durable premium planner solution that you can receive quickly at an affordable price.

Our standard high school student planners include a functional calendar and helpful resource pages.

High School Student Planner - Standard

The standard high school planner is our premium planner with the full calendar, resource pages, and durable production quality. These planners are not available with personalization options, but they are ready to be shipped out within 48 hours.

Standard Planner Benefits:

  • $2.55 each
  • Stock cover
  • Ships within 48 hours
  • 25 Minimum Order
  • Not available with personalization on the cover
  • No handbook pages

Planner Features:

  • Full color vibrant printing
  • Small format size of 5 3/8” x 8 3/8”
  • 128 pages of weekly and monthly calendar pages
  • Dated July 31, 2017 – June 24, 2018
  • Double laminated durable cover
  • Plastic coil binding
  • Educational resource pages
  • Rounded corners
  • Weekly hall passes
  • View High School Sample Planner

Bonus Features:

Standard Planner Cover
  1. Months and days listed in English and Spanish.
  2. Background color changes monthly so you can easily find your place.
  3. Full year of monthly calendars.
  4. Visual picture history in "Guess What?".
  5. See "This Month's History" for interesting historical facts.
  6. Find quotes that inspire and motivate in the "You Can Quote Me!" section.
  7. Next month at a glance.
  1. National holidays.
  2. Month at a glance with current week highlighted.
  3. Writing area for assignments and a check off space for completed tasks.
  4. Special area for block scheduling.
  5. Weekly calendar hall pass.
  6. Weekly "Trivia Zone" or "College Prep Zone".

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