Elementary Student Planners - Personalized

A great planner solution that features your school's name and mascot.

Includes your custom handbook pages so students have a quick reference to school guidelines and policies.

Elementary School Student Planner - Personalized

There are many benefits and features that come along with the personalized elementary school planner. This premium student planner selection allows you to choose a cover from a list created by professional designers and customize it to your school with the name of your school, the year and your school mascot. A personalized planner also comes with custom handbook pages, where you can include policies, schedules and other important information regarding your school.

Personalized Planner Benefits:

Planner Features:

Additional Product Options:

Standard Planner Cover
  1. Educational resource pages.
  2. Know the month and year.
  3. Weekly "Did You Know" trivia..
  4. Months and days listed in English and Spanish.
  5. Shaded box for block scheduling.
  6. Writing area for goals and check off space for achievements.
  7. Colors change each month to easily find your place.
  1. Ample writing room for each day of the week.
  2. Space for personal notes or lists.
  3. Daily citizenship / behavior rating.
  4. Teacher / parent communication area.
  5. Record reading progress at home and school.
  6. List weekly spelling words.

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